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CLose...Far Away

Sunday, December 31, 2006

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Sam: So I saw this episode of "Lassie" today.
And Lassie was accused of a crime she didn't commit,
and the Ranger was coming to put her to sleep.
Maggie: Uh-oh. How's Lassie going to get out of this one?
Sam: Well, the little boy told Lassie that she had to go away,
far away.
Maggie: For her own good.
Sam: Yes, but you see, Lassie couldn't leave.
Lassie just couldn't leave the boy.
Maggie: What did he do?
Sam: He told her he never liked her. He said,
"I hate you, Lassie. I hate you. You're a bad dog."
Maggie: That must have made Lassie sad.
Sam: Yes, it did. Lassie trotted off, very sadly.
But you know what happened? Lassie came home, Maggie.
Maggie : Did the little boy make it with Lassie?
Sam: Yes. Yes he did.
Addicted To Love movie

somehow i still remember that part and i love the story
sometime you yourself want to set lassy far away
cause you urself might hurt her
in the same time u know deep down inside
she is very close
and you can not imagine
losing her

posted by Dananeer
10:10 AM


Take 5 Minutes Flashing Back

Thursday, December 28, 2006

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Like her, Christmas time makes me a little bit sad.

This year I remembering her a lot and how she felt about

Christmas time winter songs and all this.

Few days ago, i found myself repeating the song,

searching and downloaded it…

Till now I hear it zelion time and while doing it

remembering lots of memories,

Many people even that little kid I was once…

And with all these memories, there was a worm smile and missing

Lots of missing, not for a particular thing or a person,

Just missing

So all I want to say

Try to remember good old times while you listen to that song

posted by Dananeer
6:29 AM


Sad Child

Monday, December 11, 2006

Two days ago i was watching a movie

a bout Natallie Wood's life

How she start acting at the age of 5
and how she suffered alot in her life
because of her mother and her obsession of fame.

One time she breack her arm while shooting a scene

She refuses to take her to a doctor so she could act

She even told here if u marry and get pregnant, you'll die.
I always sympathy with people acting

Being a fish in pool is not a good thing at all

Marlyn Monro in the movie saying something about acting

And how you start acting so young and continuously

As time go by you become an expert

And you start watching yourself acting all the time.

Natallie's movies are listed here

Some nice photos u can find them here and here

posted by Dananeer
3:04 PM


Huge Scary Wave

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Check this out
I don't know thought i love any thing blue
and ofcourse love the waves
But always love to watch it rather than being in it
I always ask my self what does that beauty blue hide inside??
What anger could it appears suddenly??
Then my dear friend will turn to ... a moster!!
A monster that doesn't have any mercy on people
But still i can't stop loving him
and his sound and waves.

posted by Dananeer
12:22 PM


Don't HAve Much To Say,Leave It To .....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

posted by Dananeer
12:09 AM