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Never Yet In Any Port Their Coming Mentioned Be

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two butterflies went out at Noon --
And waltzed upon a Farm --
Then stepped straight through the Firmament
And rested, on a Beam --

And then -- together bore away
Upon a shining Sea --
Though never yet, in any Port --
Their coming, mentioned -- be --

If spoken by the distant Bird --
If met in Ether Sea
By Frigate, or by Merchantman --
No notice -- was -- to me --

posted by Dananeer
10:57 PM


Why People Marry And Enter The Cage?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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As kid who never get it
I kept asking my self
Why people enter that marriage cage by their own well ??


posted by Dananeer
7:22 PM


Coming To You

Saturday, April 07, 2007

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Full of anxious and hope
Can't believe it
I'm coming to you dear old friend
I wish i could make it bgad

Want to tell you lots of things
many many things
and listen to you
ur voice and waves

Need to feel the worm sand under my feet
then playing with ur small fresh waves

I'm scared dear old friend
and need you to tell me what do do
i feel i can't make that step forward
but still
i don't know

you will be the only one
who will understand

need to write lots of things
and send it by ur waves
i know u 'll be kind on my soul writings

going to back up now
wait 4 me ya Alex
by sunset isa I'll be there isa
I love to travel and see sunset in my way

Dear old friend
Miss you awe aw awe
and coming


posted by Dananeer
8:23 AM


Sudden Hit

Monday, April 02, 2007

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That is all i want to do these days
just sitting there
may i find rest
may be i could understand
may be running away from all these quickly following events
last night a family member passed away
death always tricks you and attack
u keep fearing something
and it happens but to another person

begin to hate celebrating days
begin to become gathering 4 an illness or death

reading blue's last post and mos3ab's
makes me more gloomy
both touches me so deep

feel like i have million things to say
and think of
but as i sat writing
i couldn't at all

why when you need a certain phone call
it doesn't came?
why when you needed most to cry hard
you only find cold tears?
why i need badly to hear a voice and cry hard
but i couldn't pick the phone and call??
i couldn't do it

وصار صوتي
إذا دوّى
بوح كتماني..

posted by Dananeer
8:52 AM