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Wherever You Are I'm Sure You Can Feel Me

Friday, February 22, 2008


So so long my dear old space
Here I'm after long tiering day
thinking of him
Waiting for a miracle
may be z little good fairy
will come to me also through z window
just above my bed
and tell me all his news
How he is doing?
Is it snowing also where he is?
Is he setting in bed now looking through window
and thinking of me?

May be in my dreams i could do it!
Could i have a bigger miracle that turned me to little fairy
just like dear Tinkerbel
ohh wish if i could

Will go with him everywhere he goes
Will fly over him and make sure he is safe
Will always be close to him and enjoy his company
Will rest upon his shoulder whenever i feel tired of flying

Will make him laugh if i saw him sad
Will encourage him as he always do with me
Will whisper i love him and I'll always be here even in his dreams
as he is trying to sleep

Will capture the love he always give me in his look
And flowers' smells he always brings when he said good morning to me

Still there is snow somewhere
Are you also still here somewhere dear Santa?
Can i still make a wish?

This year i write you long mail
telling you lots of news
but still didn't send it
Did't show you my engagement photos

Would you take me where he is
Bring him safely to me

Can you give me a ride overseas?
I know u'll never stood a true heart up

Never thought it will be so difficult like that
Whole 5 weeks far away
Another country and sea that seperate us

2 Passes like years
Still 3 left
And i'm starting already taking to myself
Sometime before i sleep
i remember many things
And i feel as i if i'm seeing him close to me
Just need to raise my hand beside and i'll touch the dear face
and i do it
but i'm dreaming! it's nothing but air!

Wish if we could bring beloved people to us
just by missing thoughts and imagining there dear faces

wish if we'll find them by doing this back again with us!

Goodnight Dear old friend and lover
I'm sure you can hear me
even when i say good morning to z nile and sun
for both of us

posted by Dananeer
10:15 PM