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To My Favorate Blog Writer..U Deserve More (:

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What can I say!!
U make me cry
Really thanks ya blue
For saying it and describing it
So well and so true
Right from the heart
To the void

I just saw the title this morning @ work
And couldn't help it
I start smiling
Read the 1st lines
Then send it to all my friends
Printing it and after I finally went home
And while sitting in bed
I get them out
I read them
And I couldn't help it
Keep on touching us ya blue
With these sweet and true feelings
That touches our hearts.

posted by Dananeer
10:58 PM


There is a dream of someone

I always dream of it
That person
That can be a shelter and a friend
He/she don't know me
As I don't know him
I mean we don't know how we look like
We didn't become friends
Because of the outside
The whole outside not only shape
But because of these tiny little things inside
A person not so perfect
And knows well that I'm totally away
From being perfect
But in the same time
This don't matter
In soul to soul friendship.

posted by Dananeer
10:53 PM


"The Book Story Lady"

"Around The Corner"

You may find it funny
But I had some dreams long time ago
And still I hold those dreams inside
Wishing they come true one day
At least one of them
Or the heart from all of them..
The aim and the meaning come true

My dreams
These dreams actually concerning my professional life
But I always see it as a way of living life
Being something in it
And most of all doing something
You feel it deserve all your life

One of my dreams
My biggest I think
Is having a bookstore
And nursery school at the same time
Mainly for kids
May be orphanages
A one just looks like
"The Shop Around The Corner"
Where me with other people
Can guide those kids through their early life

I've always wished to be
"The Book Story Lady"
And I've always dreamt of "Shop Around The Corner"

I really believe that showing Kids books
Introducing them to this world
And above it all
Make them find their ways
Starting from their favorite childhood books

Yes I believe that our childhood books
Are part of us and what we'll be come

Every time I see the movie
I feel I'm seeing the dream of my life
I grab it from inside
Asking myself
Could it become true one day??
Can I do it??
Am I brave enough and believe enough to do it?

Talking about life dreams and life choices
Bring me to other related thing
Always on my mind
Somehow I'm strange person
And complex human being
But this not what I want to talk about
I actually want to talk about
Choices we made through the life we live
Things we've the well to protect and fight for
And most of all
Love it from the heart
Make it with love
And because of love
I really miss this so much
And this is the problem
I don't find myself in what I'm doing
Though I'm doing fine in it
And people appreciate it
But I don't taste it
I try to love what I'm doing
But there is always the picture
Of doing something with so much… I don't know how to express it
With love and believe
Taking whatever time
And making whatever efforts
To make it succeed
To feel it really worth it
At the end of each day
While thinking in bed before sleep
And to wake up feeling that
I can't wait to start doing it

It will open new doors
And hidden doors inside the soul
I'll be ready to give
And also fight for it
Whenever is required
It'll show me myself inside
Part of me that has always been there
And couldn't grape it to life.

posted by Dananeer
10:20 PM


U 've got mail (1)..

Have you ever felt like this?
I've seen this movie
So many times
And still I love it
And never bored from it
I love so many things in it
Every time I sit to watch it
I sit with the anxious
Of watching it for the 1st time
I feel I don't want to miss a thing
And in the same time I'm watching it
With missing and warmth for an old friend
I didn't see for a while ( :

posted by Dananeer
9:21 PM


We Were Kids!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket

yes can't believe somehow
that my close three friends

the funny childish girls
grow up and will engage this month..

i feel so happy and so glad

specially when you hear thier voice

and how glad they are

why i'm saying all these
don't know but
there is a feeling inside i can't express

mix between happiness and water in eyes
and missing

can't say much right now"specially when i'm struggling with keyboard as the stupid mouse died" ("<) all i can say right now i wish them all the happiness in the world

posted by Dananeer
2:21 PM


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Don't have much to say
Sometime words can't describe
How we feel
It really hurt
When u find yourself so helpless
And there is nothing you can do
To release the pain
You hate seeing them like this
I hate to see her like this
I wish I could kiss her pain away

posted by Dananeer
11:51 AM


Yes..People Can Be Homes

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Really didn't feel glad as I felt last night
Hearing all my favorite songs and you
It has been sometime..

Thank u for being there
For being the shelter
We always find

For giving us hope and laugh in ZTALK
And inspire us and fill us with music and thoughts
In every Friday night with z Latenightcartoon
Not only for the night
But charging the battery for the whole week
And fill our hearts with things that will stay forever
You always have been there
When you were needed
You always helped

Thanks for letting us see many things
By your soul and through your eyes

Thanks for letting us think higher
Taste the words and the songs
And thank you for last night.

posted by Dananeer
5:13 PM



Have u ever felt of this attraction before??
This connection that makes u getting close,
Hold it between your hands,
Looking at the outside,
Anxious to discover the inside,
And when u start it,
All shows up..
Whether you were right
And the inside deserve more than the outside shows
Or the outside appearance was totally fake
And u find fake inside..
Do you know what I'm talking about??
Yes books!!
No mater lists we put
And opinions we take
There is some kind of connection u find
Between u and the book
When u looking in the pages
Reading the words
If you feel it
That is it
You go buy it
Taking it home
As you take a new friend to your home
What do u think??

posted by Dananeer
4:57 PM


My Book list..

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ok guys here is the list
I didn't update it except 3 or 4 books "shame on me !"
From the one of last year
Some books' names are missing
Can't remember them
Or find the papers
I wrote them in

Any way…
Here we are

(1)Davinci code "Dan Brown"

(2) Farewell army "Hemingway"

(3) Out Of The Place "Edward Saied"

(4)Living To Tell The Tale "Marquez"

(5) Love In The Time Of Cholera "Marquez"

(6) Bonjour Tristesse "Francoise Sagan"

(7) The Human Comedy " Honoré de Balzac"

(8) The Lady of the Camellia "Alexander Dumas Junior"

(9) Any book for and about" Simon Bolivar "

(10) In Search For The Lost Time "Marcel Proust"

(11) Any book for or about "Virginia Wolf"

(12) God Father

(13) Any book for "Michale More"
As for the rest books will be in arabic in the other blog (">)

posted by Dananeer
4:34 PM


That Is Why I Want To Know...

Don't know
I know u may find it strange
but it really help

Ilove books
but since i started work
I didn't have time,
not only to read
but to read about new books
What people saying about books
and many other things

Also as for my friends
not all of them love reading
and if they do
they love other types
so i needed
new sourses and to know
what i couldn't reach too
and what other people think it is great and why

I went to my note
the one i write in it the books i wanted to have
books i read about
or books i read about in other people books
People i trust there taste

I found no new books added this year!
even when i thought about buying books
what should i buy
was old stuff
except two or three books

I'll start by myself and send my list

Thnx Omar for answering
And sorry for making it long(">)

posted by Dananeer
3:38 PM


Are We Living In The Same World???(3)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sorry i saw the two emails a few minutes ago
look guys
yes we have lots of problems here in cairo
we have both pictures in the same place and
that is a problem,
why i send this picture
cause i really almost cry
we should help
the inside and also the outside
if we can.

We are part of these world
and also part of muslims
and this country

Walking in the streets seeing small boys
drinking "colla"
or hiting themself
or even worst than this really
break hearts.

For a time
when i saw people asking for mony
i stop given them anything
thinking that we should not let them ask
and they can work to get money..

But i couldn't
these people are really poor
even if they trick many people to get money
but they living in cold most of there lifes.

A strange idea also cross my mind
whenever i've been ask by an old lady or man ..

I love my grandma
alot actually
she is my mum

Whenever i've been asked by old
I remember her
I imagine her asking for money
walking in the streets in cold
grabing things from the ground
and i really could n't stand it.

yes ya yehyia
we have people who suffer
here in egypt
I'll never forget
that i saw people looking in garbash
and eating from it
while me and my friends setting
in a nice resturant!!

It really hit u
As it really hits
when a man killed himself
because he can't get school clothes
to his daughters

As it also hit when u see
an old man selling one of his daughters
to be able to take care of others

very wild i guess

but look in the other point of view
see people who really help
like RESALA community for example
see people around

see if u grow up
knowing what is giving
and what is to give up for things
i guess this is more important

you should try to help
even if u just foreward this mail
may be someone else see it and donate .

When u see it also
it make u feel
how selfish u are
thinkning in your problems
as if it was the biggest in the world
and it is nothing comparing to this!


" this is a real request guys
if any one know certain comunity
taking care of street children
or "atfal el shaware3"
please inform
this is for my younger sister
she want to do something for them"

posted by Dananeer
9:00 PM


Are We Living In The Same World???(2)

--- Ahmed Sultan wrote:

> Q: Are we living in the same world?????
> A: Yes we are, what kind of questions is this????
> about the pictures are realy good but tell me what
> did you do???
> We can only from Here pray for them, and pray for
> US, I am not negative person but if u want to talk
> about something talk about your community and change
> it first.
> Meant no himmulaton but guys till when we will
> keep looking at the outsiders and feel this for them
> while we are ourselves need this pity feeling
> Allah Yer3akom

Yahia Abdel-fattah"
Ahmed i desagree with you . We dont have such a
probrems like they do have , what do you mean by "
YOUR community ". Does that mean your family, street,
and school. what is problems do we do have . we all
eat 3 meals per day and we all sleep in our bed .
SORRY we dont have such problems but they do .

posted by Dananeer
6:21 PM


Are we living in the same world??????

posted by Dananeer
5:14 PM


z Book Fair!

ok guys
today the bookfaire started
and as i'm fond of books
sure i'll go ISA

what i need here
i need to have answers for

what books u want to buy when u go there?
give me an idea of these books?

what books u really liked most through life?

what books u think it really worth reading this year??

anyone know where is the real "soor el azbakeya" are now in cairo
i'm not talking about old magazines and nonethlese

really really will appreciate it if u managed to answer

cause it really help
exchanging ideas and experience about books life everything

posted by Dananeer
4:58 PM


Pain is your friend, your ally it will tell you when you are seriously injured. It will keep you awake and angry and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home. But you know the best thing about pain? .... it lets you know you're not dead yet.
Viggo Mortensen (Master Chief John Urgayle) in G.I. Jane

posted by Dananeer
2:56 AM



posted by Dananeer
12:29 AM


My Life As a Fairy Tale

Monday, January 16, 2006

I saw it long time ago on TV
and fall in love with it
and was laughing while watching it
If u know it u may say "yuuuch"
what is that???!
if u don't know it and watch it one day ..
i don't know u may remember me (",)
knowing why i fall in love with it
i'm like Hans somehow
i live here
put my feets on the ground
but my mind and my feelings
are at totally difrrent place
with faries..
don't have much to say now
may be i edited one day.

posted by Dananeer
11:38 PM



Saturday, January 14, 2006

Didn't know that this movie was about Himingway's life..

and his book "farwell army".

As human being sometime we are strange i guess

fools may be

for keeping our anger inside

strange how we find it hard to forgive or forget.

specially famouse creative people!

after seeing the movie

i respected the auther

pity the human being

including me!

posted by Dananeer
9:07 PM


Was Just a Moment Ago!

• Bagger Vance: I hear you lost your swing. I guess we got to go find it.

• Rannulph Junuh: I can't do it, Bagger. It was too long ago!

• Bagger Vance: No it wasn't. It was just a moment ago.

• Walter Hagen: The meaning of it all is that there is no meaning.

• Bagger Vance: Inside each and every one of us is our one,
true authentic swing
Something we was born with.
Something that's ours and ours alone.
Something that can't be learned...
something that's got to be remembered.

I see it yesterday after a close friend advice me to watch it..
really was a good movie.
i discovered that i need "wa7ed" bagger vance
to remind me when i forget
to tell me look again and see
and that what i think sometimes
completly stupid!",
to show me how childish i'm
thnx my bagger vance.
u advice me to see it
and i realized that i already have one..
that is you.

"marmarina i wish if u see it"
i guess u also need to see it
i also think regardless of the above
we both are bagger vance for each other
i really really need to thank u for this
thank you for showing me the world in ur eyes
thanks for making me laugh and smile
thanks for expressing the feelings that
we both sometimes feel and i can't express
thank u and thanks god for making our roads crossed.

posted by Dananeer
8:42 PM


Friday, January 13, 2006

posted by Dananeer
5:05 AM


Thanks Guarding Angel..

Finally i managed to do it..
was looking for it
for more than 3 weeks
when i open TV
That i did't touch these days
and managed to watch
one of my favorate movies..
"My Best Friends' Wedding"
goodluck i guess
and laugh when i managed to
hear "Little Prayer"
Then it started to rain
that didn't stop
we really change
I used to collect all
sadniess and roughness of
the week then i put it
on my pillow and hold myself
and sleep.
Now i miss it
as i miss my childish laugh
and light in the eyes
specially when it rains.

posted by Dananeer
3:45 AM


Unicorn Girl

Never thought i'm gonna find a whole page!!
another person seeing the same sun(",)
i really adore this movie
its one of my favorate childhood cartoon
You may think it is silly to make a whole page for a cartoon
old cartoon..
and to write about it
and publish this crazy stuff
but i really don't care!!
as long as i'm sure that somebody
on the other side watching the same moon
thinking if he is not the only one who do it
and that someone might share.

posted by Dananeer
3:10 AM


kaloob w t3loob(">)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

When you're the best of friends
Having so much fun together
You're not even aware, you're such a funny pair
You're the best of friends

Life's a happy game
You could clown around forever
Neither one of you sees, your natural boundaries
Life's one happy game

If only the world wouldn't get in the way
If only people would just let you play
They say you're both being fools
You're breaking all the rules
They can't understand your magic wonderland

When you're the best of friends
Sharing all that you discover
When that moment has passed,

will that friendship last?
Who can say if there's a way?
Oh I hope . . . I hope it never ends
'Cause you're the best of friends

Widow Tweed
We met, it seems, such a short time ago
You looked at me - needing me so
Yet from your sadness
Our happiness grew
And I found out I needed you too
I remember how we used to play
I recall those rainy days
The fire's glow
That kept us warm
And now I find - we're both alone
Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart is a memory
And there you'll always be

Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart is a memory
And there you'll always be


this was my favorate books when i was a tiny little thing(",)
i still have it till now!
i love this book
and this strory..

it really means to me alot..

it is more than a best childhood story for me..

i remember the story when life put certain person so close by soul

but can't be closer in life "specially close male friends"

because others see this friendship from a total point of view!!

cause a fox and a dog can't be together

even if they were so close and friends..

i remeber it also when we have to say goodbye

but in our hearts to best and close friends

as we going by taking diffrenent roads in life..

i remember it when i'm looking to the moon at night

or at sunset

hearing favorate peace of music

telling my self

may be they seeing it now

may be they also listening

and wondering about me

and remember our memories togethger.

yes osama ..

"we see the same sun"

posted by Dananeer
2:34 AM


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To Blue
wishing her a Happy Birthday(">)
"Kol sanna wente tayeba ya blue"

posted by Dananeer
8:01 PM


البحث عن زوجه

استعنا على الشقا بالله
بما انى جييت ف الوقت اللى فاضيه و عندى اجازه
و عم سهم الله مش راضى يسيبنى اكتي حتى..
ما زالت عمليه التقليب ف الاوراق القديمه مستمره..
المره دى مقاله كامله لمصطفى محمود
للاسف معنديش scanner

البحث عن زوجه!

يا سلده يا كرام..
اغلى شىء ف الدنيا هو العلم
و الانسان لا يتعلم مجانا
و انما يستخلص المعرفه بالألم و المعاناه..
من مكتبه الحياه نأخذ علمنا الحقيقى،
و ليس من الكتب و الأسفار.
و أقدم لكم أولا نفسى.
دكتور توفيق ذكريا دكتوراه ف الذره
و العلوم الذريه من امريكا
أب لولدين و زوج للمره الثانيه.
و حكايه المره الثانيه هى الموضوع.

و كالعاده كانت هناك مره ثانيه لأن الزواج الاول فشل بجداره.
و كانت فكرتى فى الزواج الاول هى البحث عن ست بيت و أم و امرأه تقدس الحياه الاسريه،
لا يهم الثقافه و لا التعليم و لا الشهادات
و اخترتها ساقطه ابتدائى تكاد تفك الخط لكن طباخه ممتازه و أستاذه فى تسبيك الصوانى و الطواجن،
و تنفيض السجاجيد و إرضاع الاطفال
لكن كالمعتاد و بعد الشهور الاولى و بعد ان شبعت المعده و أمتلأت الامعاء،
و اصبحت المسأله الطريفه حكايه مكرره فى كل ليله،
بدأ النكد يدخل الى البيت السعيد، و بدأت اشعر بالفجوه الهائله بينى و بينها
و بدأنا نختلف فى كل شىء..
و أصبح الشارع يسمع صراخنا كل ليله.
و برغم نومنا متعانقين فى فراش واحد كنت اشعر ان بيننا قارات،
و ان كل واحد فينا يسبح فى محيط.
لم يكن هناك أى شىء مشترك يجمعنا سوى طاجن البطاطس بالفرن
و صوانى المحشى و أطباق الكوسه بالبشاميل،
فإذا غسلت يدى بعد الغداء عدت الى الوحده والغربه
و كأنى مجرد نزيل فى فندق اجنبى.
عجزت تماما عن ان اشدها الى اى اهتمام مشترك
حتى ولو الى الصحيفه اليوميه و أعمده الاخبار و حوادث الاسبوع.
كانت انسانه عقلها مغلق على ثلاث غرف و صاله،
لا يهمها ما يجرى فى فيتنام و كمبوديا و نيكاراجو،
ولا يعنيها ما يجرى فى جاره عربيه قريبه مثل فلسطين.
و يستوى عندها ان تحترق لبنان او تندك دمشق او يخرج الشاه من أيران،
و يحكمها الخومينى او خلقلى او بازرجان ما دامت قد وجدت البصل فى الجمعيه التعاونيه،
و الارز عند البقال و الجرجير عند الخضرى.
فإذا حولت ان أفتح معها هذه الموضوعات اسكتتنى بغلظه، فإذا حولت ان اتلطف
ناولتى لكمه و هى تقول:
نام بال وجع دماغ أنا ما صدقت نيمت الواد.
و تصوروا ما يحدث لى يا ساده فى هذه الوحده و الغربه و الخواء
حينما اتعرف بالاخرى د.شهيره سرور
الاستاذه فى الكونسرفتوار و عازفه البيانو
و الحائزه على ماجيستير و دكتوراه فى التوزيع الكورالى
و فى الهارمونى من باريس.
السيده الناعمه الحريريه التى تكاد تذوب فى الفم من فرط نعومتها،
و المتحدثه الرقيقه الودوده و الفنانه الأنثى و النجمه التى لا ينطفىء لها تألق.
و يمكن لكم ان تتصوروا كيف اصبحت مكا لمتنا فى التيلفون
تمتد الى خمس و ست ساعات و لا نشبع،
فنلتقى على النيل ثم تأخذنى الى بيتها
لتسمعنى معزوفه رقيقه على البيانو،
ثم تحكى لى تاريخ هذه المعزوفه و كيف و متى كتبها بيتهوفن.
نسيت ان اقول لكم انها طلقت بعد زواج فاشل.
و هذا طبيعى.. فمن يستطيع ان يفهم و يقدر هذه التحفه الجماليه النادره..
و من يستطيع ان يعاشر هذا الفن الرفيع إلا اناسان ذواقه.
و لقد كنت انا ذلك الذواقه.
و لقد جننت بها حبا..و امتلكتنى حتى ملأت علىَ أقطار حياتى
و أصبحت لا أرى سواها،ولا أشرب سواها و لا أتنفس سواها.
و كان طبيعيا ان يرتمى كل منا فى حضن الآخر كأنه يتيم وجد أمه،
و أن نغرق فى حمى من الانصهار العذب الذى لا تجدونه
إلا فى الكتب و الاشعارو السيمفونيات.
و كان طبيعيا جدا ان اطلق زوجتى و اتزوجها وانا احلم بأقصى الراحه،
و بأنى قد وجدت اخيرا شقه خاليه فى صدر امرأه.
و لكن القدر خلاف الظنون،و الدنيا التى أرادها الله تعبا للكل
ما لبثت ان قدمت صوره اخرى من زواج طريف غايه الطرافه.
و اسمعوا معى نموذجا من هذا الحوار الذى يجرى بيننا
الوقت صباحا،وانا اميل عليها و أمسح على شعرها فى حنان
و أهمس فى اذنها:
- إيه رأيك يا حبيبتى..ناكل ايه النهارده..
- زى إمبارح يا حبيبى.
- إحنا مكلناش امبارح يا حبيبتى.
- لحقت تنسى سندوتشات الامريكانا اللى جبتهالك معايا.
- نفسى تعملى لى الملوخيه بتاعتك..ده انتى ملوخيتك تجنن..
أنا قربت انساها بقى لك شهر مطبختيش حاجه.
- مش حاسه أنى عايزه أقف ف المطبخ.
- أمال حاسه بايه؟
- حاسه بانى عاوزه أدور حوالين الهرم و أسمع كاسيت لشوبان.
و أخذها معى الى الهرم.
و نطوف حول مقابر ألاسره السادسه و نحن نستمع الى مقطوعه القمر لشوبان،
و تسرح فى التاريخ و الجغرافيا و الحكيم أمحوتب.
و أقطع حديثها محاولا ان اكون رقيقا غايه الرقه.
- لكن أظن ان أمحوتب يا حبيبتى كان يأكل..و كانت زوجته حبيبته
تصنع له أشهى ألاطعمه.
- لا أظن انك تخلط يا حبيبى بين أمحوتب و أبو شقره..
- عيبك انك لا تقرأ كفايه فى التاريخ.
- لقد قرأت و قرأت حتى جعت من كثره القراءة..
و نشترى كنتاكى ف الطريق
و نعود الى البيت،
و تتمدد على الفراش و تسرح
ثم تبتلع حبه فاليوم، ثم حبه ليبريوم
و أحاول القتراب منها فتقول فى فتور:
- سيبنى شويه.
- مالك.
- جوايا تعبان .. حاسه جوايل بكآبه و ضلمه و عتمه
و ليل..الدنيا جوايا ضلمه أوى.
_ أنا يا حبيبتى أنورهالك.
فتنظر الىً نظره فارغه كأنها لا تعرفنى إطلاقا.
و كأنى رجل لقيط التقت به صدفه،
و أخذته إلى بيتها و قدمت اليه طعاما على سيبيل الإحسان ..
و أن عليه أن يرحل و أن يعود إلى حال سبيله دون كلمه.
و أقترب أكثر و أهمس فى حنان
- حبيبتى أنا جنبك.
- أنا عندى صداع يا توفيق ..أنا مش شايفاك
و لا شايفه حد.
و أهتف فى أعماقى:
يا نهار اسود عليك يا توفيق.
و على بختك..ثم أعود فأحاول أن أتودد إليها.
- أجيب لك كولونيا تنعش!.
- سيبنى لوحدى..نفسى أقعد سنيين لوحدى..
سنين.. سنين..نفسى أحط الحمل اللى على كتفى و أنام.
- حطيه على كتفى أنا
- جوايا كلام كتير مش عاوز يطلع..
كيانى مسروق منى..بدور على عنوان نفسى مش لاقياه
متهيأ لى أن مشيت ف الشارع الغلط.
- أنا مش فاهمك.
- أنا أخترتك من بين أربعين مليون أنسان
عشان تصورت إنك حاتفهمنى و تحس بىً.
- حاأحس بايه يا حبيبتى ده أنتى معيشانى ف ألغاز..
ده أنا بانام مع أينشتين.. أنا الدكتور ف الذره و الالكترون
و العلوم النوويه و اللى مسكت الالكترون مش قادر أمسك أفكارك.
- نفسى نبعد عن بعض شويه يا توفيق.
- نعم..؟
- يعنى كده تسافرلك كام يوم إسكندريه تغير جو عشان توحشنى شويه.
- كمان.. أكثر من كده..ده أحنا بقلنا شهرين ماقربناش لبعض.
- كمان شهر .. ميجراش حاجه.
- ده أنا بقالى خمس شهور بقلك اعملى كيكه تبصى لى كأنى باتكلم مالطى أو هيروغليفى.
- ياه دنا نسيت خالص حكايه الكيكه ديى..عجيبه..اللاه يضحكك يا شيخ..
- و كل ده و أحنا ف شهور العسل أمال بعدين حانعمل ايه..
ده انتى بتكلمى البيانو أكتر منى.. بتعرفى عن فطور شوبان و مزاجه الشخصى
أكثر من اللى بتعرفيه عتى.
كل يوم برجع تعبان بعد يوم مرهق من الشغل المتواصل ف العمل
ألاقيكى يتقوليلى عندى انغلاق ذاتى و تقلص نفسى و انكماش روحى..
اجى المسك تقوليلى.. سيبنى شويه..حاسه الشمس بتغرب جوايا..
عاوزه أموت..أتلاشى..
و مره تقوليلى حاسه سقف عقلى وقع،
و ان جدران قلبى اتهدت..
و فيه حاجه بتسوينى بألارض..
و مره تقوليلى..
العصافير بتغنى ف صدرى ..
عاوزه كل الرجاله يبوسونى،
و أشد شعرى من الجنون فتقوليلى:
- ماهو كل الرجاله يعنى انت يا حبيبى..
من امتى أنا حبيبك و انتى عايشه ف فلك و أنا ف فلك..
توصلنى منك كلمه بالتلكس و تضيع ألف..
أنا وحيد يا شهيره..وحيد.
- أمال احنا ف حضن بعض ازاى.
- ساكنين بالصدفه سوا ف نفس الشقه ف الدور الثانى على النيل.
و بنبص احنا الاثنين للسقف.
- بالضبط هو ده الشىء الوحيد اللى مشتركين فيه ..
للدرجه دى ممن يتغير الناس..امال فين الدموع و الآهات..
فين أغانى الحب..كانت معزوفه بيانو..
عمود شعر فى صحيفه يوميه اتقطعت مع الايام و بقت ورق تواليت..
ساعات بحس ان مش بس لازم نبعد كام يوم..
ابدا ده احنا لازم نتعرف على بعض من جديد..
لازم نقابل بعض صدفه ف الصالون الاخضر،
واعزمك على شاى ف جروبى و اسالك على نمره تليفونك..
و اقولك اسمك ايه يا مدام.
- صحيح فعلا.
- احنا مش متجوزين يا حبيبتى..احنا متطلقين جداز
- صحيح فعلا متطلقين.

و هكذا طلقت الثقافه الرفيعه و الدكتوراه و الماجيستير ف الكورل و الهارمونى التحفه الجماليه..
د.شهيره سرور..لأنى لم أعرف ماذا تريد و لا ماذا تحب و لا ما يرضيها..
ظننت فى لحظه ان اقصى املها ان تعيش معى..
فلما عاشت معى رأيتها تهرب منى و تعيش فى غيبوبه الفاليوم..
و تنطوى على نفسها حتى تشبه قوقعه حزن.
و شككت فى عقلى و تفكيرى و عدت أشد شعرى من الوحده و البؤس.
يا ساده يا كرام..
أنا أبحث الآن عن بائعه فجل أو بائعه جرجير..
مجرد انسانه على الفطره لأتزوجها و أعيش معها على الفطره البسيطه
التى خلقها الله.
امرأه تنظر الى زوجها على أنه ربها
و تغسل له رجليه و تطهو طعامه،
و تشاركه مشاركه التؤم فى كل ما يشركها فيه دون جدل.
امرأه تنظر الى كل ما ينطق به زوجها على انه سماوى و مقدس،
و تحبه لأنها لابد أن تحبه و ليس لأن عندها انفتاحا ذاتيا و انغلاقا استبطانيا،
يا ساده يا كرام أنا أعلن على الملأ
أنى رجل رجعى و بدائى..
و أرى للأسف الشديد
أن عصر الرجل أنتهى!.

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