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Are We Living In The Same World???(2)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

--- Ahmed Sultan wrote:

> Q: Are we living in the same world?????
> A: Yes we are, what kind of questions is this????
> about the pictures are realy good but tell me what
> did you do???
> We can only from Here pray for them, and pray for
> US, I am not negative person but if u want to talk
> about something talk about your community and change
> it first.
> Meant no himmulaton but guys till when we will
> keep looking at the outsiders and feel this for them
> while we are ourselves need this pity feeling
> Allah Yer3akom

Yahia Abdel-fattah"
Ahmed i desagree with you . We dont have such a
probrems like they do have , what do you mean by "
YOUR community ". Does that mean your family, street,
and school. what is problems do we do have . we all
eat 3 meals per day and we all sleep in our bed .
SORRY we dont have such problems but they do .

posted by Dananeer
6:21 PM


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