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No More Bad Treatments .. Metro Market Stuff

Saturday, September 06, 2008


So Upset from last week
I forgot my birthday and Ramadan present just as i was paying the money to the cashier girl Metro Market in Haram.
I just put it down and forgot it due to crowd and also i bought lots of things that day
First there was no one to put the things for us
second Metro's bags are very weak and bad"always refuse to open you've to struggle with it and can't put many things in the bag as it can't handle"
Third i lost it 1st of Ramadan at 5:30 PM when i went to ask for it the supervisor was very rude saying what present bag we don't have any thing and left!
Couldn't believe his rudeness
and couldn't believe that some can steel something 1st day of Ramadan and just before eftar!
after that i really decide that unless i can't get my simplest rights and the good treatment i won't buy any thing again from Metro and i send them a complain
At least you could offer a place for bags like Metro in Teriomf for example!
And above all people who treat with customers in a good way!
And goodbye to the family market that we spend lots in it!

posted by Dananeer
8:57 PM