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Wa2elaa ... 7adelak 7o2na!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Had my tooth drilled 2 hours ago !!
I really hate dentist and doctors
u feel like little guilty kid between thier hands
I almost could cry and say
"7aramet w Tamtam w enabee mesh 7akol 7aga 7elwa tanee"!
For sorrow i'll repeat it
The problem is she had to give me
two of those hoyyfiying injections
since then i can't even speak!!
my lips take one side
felt like people will laugh at me in the street ) :
"Somehow i think that me and Dad will me like Tom & Gery for ever..
don't know, dream that one day we have a worm talk
or at least we understand each other"

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10:42 PM



Glowing with happiness
Feel like I'm gonna light
After back home yesterday
Really really had a nice time
It was my first concert for Omar Khayrat
And won't be the last one ISA
U can't explain how music fills you in
With different feelings and joy
Looking around seeing every one swaying with the music
Seeing him and his band swaying with it playing with
Their instruments as if they were dancing
Was more than great

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11:04 AM


Monday, February 20, 2006


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8:40 PM



Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just get back from outside
was watching a movie..
before the sun say goodbye
I managed to walk in it enjoying it
and more.. beside the nile
I really had a nice time
though life goes in a very normal ordinary way
You spend sometimes torturing urself thinking about life and yourself
and doing things make you feel you are not worthless
feeling you are alife!!
and suddenly you stop thinking
feeling fine and ok
though nothing really changed!!
then you start to feel
you need a change
a major one
you need to live on edge
to feel alife!!

I finished reading "Ya3kobian Building" like the pictures Alaa gave
and some lines
Still didn't finish "Digital Fortress" for Dan Brown
but really really feel happy for start reading again.

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4:56 PM


Africa'sWounded Lion

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yes this message to
"Africa'sWounded Lion"
And Cameron best player "eto'o"
U really played so well
Don't feel guilty
It is gods well
I guess u believe in it
Cause I saw you praying in acceptance
After the match
I really think you are a very talented player
And have a good soul
And doesn't take ur rights outside
Go on ETO'O
And hard luck to Cameron.

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12:43 AM


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tommorow is your big day
I can't find words right now
"except that i'll have to save 2 get u The Blinder
i told u long time i'm gonna get it 2 u when you
marry (">)"
i found this written in a card
can't wait to see u tommorow
and ofcourse the lucky guy
May u always find
happinies in one another
and in the wonderful love
that u share"
tell him congratulation

posted by Dananeer
6:55 PM