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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Just get back from outside
was watching a movie..
before the sun say goodbye
I managed to walk in it enjoying it
and more.. beside the nile
I really had a nice time
though life goes in a very normal ordinary way
You spend sometimes torturing urself thinking about life and yourself
and doing things make you feel you are not worthless
feeling you are alife!!
and suddenly you stop thinking
feeling fine and ok
though nothing really changed!!
then you start to feel
you need a change
a major one
you need to live on edge
to feel alife!!

I finished reading "Ya3kobian Building" like the pictures Alaa gave
and some lines
Still didn't finish "Digital Fortress" for Dan Brown
but really really feel happy for start reading again.

posted by Dananeer
4:56 PM


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