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That Is Why I Want To Know...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Don't know
I know u may find it strange
but it really help

Ilove books
but since i started work
I didn't have time,
not only to read
but to read about new books
What people saying about books
and many other things

Also as for my friends
not all of them love reading
and if they do
they love other types
so i needed
new sourses and to know
what i couldn't reach too
and what other people think it is great and why

I went to my note
the one i write in it the books i wanted to have
books i read about
or books i read about in other people books
People i trust there taste

I found no new books added this year!
even when i thought about buying books
what should i buy
was old stuff
except two or three books

I'll start by myself and send my list

Thnx Omar for answering
And sorry for making it long(">)

posted by Dananeer
3:38 PM


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