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Are We Living In The Same World???(3)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sorry i saw the two emails a few minutes ago
look guys
yes we have lots of problems here in cairo
we have both pictures in the same place and
that is a problem,
why i send this picture
cause i really almost cry
we should help
the inside and also the outside
if we can.

We are part of these world
and also part of muslims
and this country

Walking in the streets seeing small boys
drinking "colla"
or hiting themself
or even worst than this really
break hearts.

For a time
when i saw people asking for mony
i stop given them anything
thinking that we should not let them ask
and they can work to get money..

But i couldn't
these people are really poor
even if they trick many people to get money
but they living in cold most of there lifes.

A strange idea also cross my mind
whenever i've been ask by an old lady or man ..

I love my grandma
alot actually
she is my mum

Whenever i've been asked by old
I remember her
I imagine her asking for money
walking in the streets in cold
grabing things from the ground
and i really could n't stand it.

yes ya yehyia
we have people who suffer
here in egypt
I'll never forget
that i saw people looking in garbash
and eating from it
while me and my friends setting
in a nice resturant!!

It really hit u
As it really hits
when a man killed himself
because he can't get school clothes
to his daughters

As it also hit when u see
an old man selling one of his daughters
to be able to take care of others

very wild i guess

but look in the other point of view
see people who really help
like RESALA community for example
see people around

see if u grow up
knowing what is giving
and what is to give up for things
i guess this is more important

you should try to help
even if u just foreward this mail
may be someone else see it and donate .

When u see it also
it make u feel
how selfish u are
thinkning in your problems
as if it was the biggest in the world
and it is nothing comparing to this!


" this is a real request guys
if any one know certain comunity
taking care of street children
or "atfal el shaware3"
please inform
this is for my younger sister
she want to do something for them"

posted by Dananeer
9:00 PM


Blogger mostafa said...

احتراما لرغبتك في الكتابة باللغة الانجليزية وان كنت اتحفظ وهذا امر شخصي جدا لا يمس أي شخص يدون بها لذا سوف اعلق بها لك
i liked your blog and find that , there are some people still feeling what others suffering from , and really , we living in the same world ,and we still run to our pc"s to just write about them , just to change our faces and saying kindness words no more NO More

Fri Jan 20, 07:47:00 AM  

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