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My Book list..

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ok guys here is the list
I didn't update it except 3 or 4 books "shame on me !"
From the one of last year
Some books' names are missing
Can't remember them
Or find the papers
I wrote them in

Any way…
Here we are

(1)Davinci code "Dan Brown"

(2) Farewell army "Hemingway"

(3) Out Of The Place "Edward Saied"

(4)Living To Tell The Tale "Marquez"

(5) Love In The Time Of Cholera "Marquez"

(6) Bonjour Tristesse "Francoise Sagan"

(7) The Human Comedy " Honoré de Balzac"

(8) The Lady of the Camellia "Alexander Dumas Junior"

(9) Any book for and about" Simon Bolivar "

(10) In Search For The Lost Time "Marcel Proust"

(11) Any book for or about "Virginia Wolf"

(12) God Father

(13) Any book for "Michale More"
As for the rest books will be in arabic in the other blog (">)

posted by Dananeer
4:34 PM


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