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Monday, November 07, 2005

Alsalam Alikom

Hi to you all, and you Miss. Blogaweya masreya :

it is good to know that there are people who still know about regular mail
i like to get mail in it , but i think it is quite rare to use it in real life

i would like to thank you for leading me to the blogger.com , it is the most suitable blog service that i really want to get into .

here is my blog http://elsahhar.blogspot.com , i had these stuff on another website , but here is the new home for them ( thx again )

but i have a note on your blogs , there are no spaces between the end of each line , and the beginning of the new line , regadless enek betekteby bel franko araaab tab3an :)

hey group, do any other one have a blog to share ? can we get connected again , let's share what we have ( not the money of course )

Hope you all have a good time and wealth
thnx for ur reply ya hatem,
hope u doing well,
I'll read ur blog i just saw the mail and wanted to reply first.
my problem with regular mail ,and Franco arab...
it is something i couldn't get rid of
do u know that feeling
u found urself full with thoughts and ideas
and all these feelings need an exit
u just grab ur papers and ur pencil
and start filling the papers
without hesitation
without picking
ur feeling ruling u here
after that u feel relieved
by then u look again to what u wrote
u read it as if u see it for the first time
u don't know how it become that way
u didn't even choose the language
sometimes ur though are in arabic
other in english
after sometime from starting this
and whenever i couldn't express what i want in direct and quick talk
i found what i wanted to say written on papers by me
and in many times in people words,books ,poems,movies,songs and even pictures
when i felt i need to send it even to the space
i show it to close friends
send it to people i want them to read it
i know these people will understand
they well get certain feeling
it doesn't have to be the same feeling i had.
radio friends,announcer,writers,journalism,...whoever

backing to my problem "i write arabic on keyboard slowly!!"
i keep looking for the letters
most of the time i don't have time
or I'm not in the right place to send them
"like net cafes"
so i be in hurry
that i don't even look back to what i wrote
checking it spells,grammar,punctuations,...what ever!!

u are right in that
people complaining from understanding my line "I've a bad one specially arabic"
and my franco arab on net

i make it long.
sorry for taking all this time!!
and if u don't mind
I'll put it in my blog.

posted by Dananeer
8:15 PM


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