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Sooner Or Later Will Fall!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Irwin: [Winter is trying to compromise with Irwin] No. Not OK! It's too late, Colonel.
Winter: Too late for what?
Irwin: For your offer. The men don't want to salute. They don't want to use rank. They don't want better food and they don't want more TV. They just want your resignation... and so do I. Winter: My resignation?
Irwin: You're a disgrace, Colonel! A disgrace to the uniform! You should not be allowed to retain your command!
Winter: Then I guess I'd better go pack.
Irwin: I think you should.

Was watching a movie on mbc few minutes ago
An old one but really interesting
It describe what is happening these days
It called “the last castle” for Robert Redford
The movie describe life in military prison
Soldiers who made mistakes and kept in prison for these mistakes
And ruled by sadist person who like to humiliate them
And want them to obey him all the time
And how they hate it and sick of it
And start their revolution until they manage to do it
All the way he gets angry and acts like crazy and hit and kills people
Thinking that he would stopped them
He couldn’t see any thing except that he rules… he wins… he hits…
He says yes I’ll let u do it, I’ll allow
No I own you and u can’t even think or say u WANT to do this or that
And like raging rhinoceros he run in anger shaken the ground destroying
Till he finally stuck in tree trunk and fall!!

Yates: I thought there was one thing that you should know, when they take the castle the are going to hang the flag upside down.
Winter: Upside down?
Yates: It's the international code of distress.
Winter: Yes I know what it means. Where exactly do the plan to get a flag?
Yates: They already have one... Yours.
Winter: My Flag?...

posted by Dananeer
6:56 PM


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