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First Love

Monday, January 08, 2007

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LOOK back with longing eyes and know that I will follow,

Lift me up in your love as a light wind lifts a swallow,

Let our flight be far in sun or windy rain--

But what if I heard my first love calling me again?

Hold me on your heart as the brave sea holds the foam,

Take me far away to the hills that hide your home;

Peace shall thatch the roof and love shall latch the door--

But what if I heard my first love calling me once more?

The Flight

"Sara Teasdale"


What shall the person do if his 1st love kept call??

What is a first love??

Is it caring about someone??

Or loving how he is and how he act??

Or none of these

Can it be from one side??

Or from both sides at different time??

Or from both side at the same time??

Or feeling strongly the warmth and caring

Even if he is not the best ..well mannered or well dressed

All of that at that moment doesn't matter

U only saw the soul

I don't know

I can't find an answer

Sometimes u meet certain person who

make u feel angry

And you become full of anger and dislike

And u act like this

And never figure that he care

Till u discover u were blind

and u understand it all

And run

Start to escape from what u always run away off

U break every single step u could share

U make it die before it born

Then time goes by

Fate separates people by distance
But one day

U suddenly wake

Full of strange feeling and missing

Some thing born in ur heart??

after everything end and gone?!!

This happened with people we cared for

Even close friends when we start to put walls

And then real walls put itself by time

And life threw everyone on a new way and u start saying

I really did...

But what could it be if i let this show??
"This was written long time ago"

Seeing Blue last post
make me remember that Tv series
And when i start look in my mail
for what i saved about it and about the auther
For sorrow i found i either lost it or i don't remember
where and by what name i saved it
Instead i found that mail and those questions
I sent to a very dear Friend on the radio
Long time ago
He was talking about first love
And his thoughs makes me think

At that time i though i may have some feelings
for someone who used to have some feeling for me
while i didn't even notice
and was disliking him
After taking different roads
I remembered him with a flash back
Suddenly i found that missing feeling
I didn't know what to call
So i wrote these words and sent it to Osama
And totally forgut about the whole thing

Thanks to Blue i found it this morning
And i couldn't prevent a BIG smile

After having a fist real love
And losing it because of circumstances
against our well
And after getting over it

I know what is a real First Love mean
It is not calling back
But it have that taste that make you remembering it with a worm childish smile

It have a different taste
that will kept
even with any true love
Sorry for make it long
But i had to get it out
Even for myself ".

posted by Dananeer
1:05 PM


Blogger Hechkok said...

love is when two people feel the same feeling in the same time, this is Love. We meet lots of people in our life we think we love them but one day when we find the right person we know they were facke feelings and that true love is a mutual feeling .

Wed Jan 10, 12:19:00 PM  

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