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The Queen of Spread Sheets!

Friday, March 03, 2006

In the past week I had a workshop in work
We had it in the company share holder club
So let me start describing first the place cause I fall in love with it
Small and very simple villa with nice garden with toy house and skating for kids
What I liked most in the place
Of course how simple and quite it is
But above all
All the walls painted with worm light creamy yellow
And doors and windows with white
Also the kid's room in yellow and blue full of painting
This makes me remember my dream
I said to myself
I'll be able to do it one day
I would like it to be like that (">)
People was very nice
And the company too
Though I was the only girl around
And this made me feel very lonely in away
I really wished if you were there
I always wishing that we would work together

I'll talk technical along this blog
So excuses me all
But I've to..
Can't keep all these feelings and thoughts for long
Wandering all around this tired busy mind
I have to get them out
Even If I give them out for only myself

We was discussing our needs to set initial cost
For our new software
They wanted to replace our software with a new one "the shareholder foreigner company"
We were suppose to tell them
All the reports going out from our departments
From where we get the data?
How we get it?
What report goes out using the software data base ?
How we do the other reports?
And many things
By the end of the day
I look to the flow chart showing our reports cycle
I felt terrible
Same as it looks
Very complex very unrealistic
Fact (1)
Is we keep on putting lots of data every day
In our data base system
But we can't get most of it out from the box!
Fact (2)
We put the same data in many reports we make
To make zillion reports to send
Why? Because they want it in a certain shape!!

Fact (3)
What we do totally controlled by routine and bureaucracy governmental stupidity!!
And still we have to accepted it
Even if we don't agree
The problem was to tell them this "foreigners in the workshop"
They couldn't understand why we do this or that, me either!

Try to imagine this
We do our monthly work by the beginning of the new month
But we can't send it to the people who need it
In or out the company!!
Because of the signing issue
We can't do it except when we received the governmental confirmation
And the basic reason because we have to send it to the governmental cooperation
To say ok
We agree
We already use there numbers and normally nothing wrong
But we still have to do it!!
Try to imagine how long they take to check those few numbers
More than a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These things make me feel very angry and crazy

I'm miss excel expert
Don't talk to me about engineering sense or even logic
Don't ask me why

You are stupid
And ur rotine is more stupid
But we won't care about all this
We care about our money
So as long as u doing fine with the money
We won't see anything else

We even don't want you to be tired or think
We will talk our old box give you other
Before you couldn't get out the data
Now we will program it make it ready

It is a funny exchangeing game
Take a box they didn't train you to get data from it
In the way you want
Know the programming

And give you another
Before we program it to give you only one
Now all your needs!!

I'm really not angry from them
As persons I mean
In the contrary
So nice and cute
Also do there work in the best way
And what we miss of course
Excellent presenting and showing
And conversation

May be I'm angry from myself
Lots of time I feel these way
Why should I except it
Why can'I I say no
Why I don't go and work in some thing
Make my efforts have a value
Why can't I work in charity projects or anythings
I don't have answers
I was going to do it many times
But people around!!!

Back to this dying country
Hanged by everything around
Don't know what to say
But I miss a war
Never like them
Never be in a middle of one
But I feel we need one
Like strong slap on the face
To wake up
Leave all other things
And defend and struggle for every real thing.

posted by Dananeer
12:20 PM


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